Mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)

Based on the government’s timetable, it is now only five months until BNG will become mandatory for all relevant Town and Country Planning Act developments (November 2023); with mandatory BNG for ‘small sites’ in April 2024. We understand that mandatory BNG will only apply to new Full or Outline planning applications from November, although this has yet to be confirmed and we still await the key secondary legalisation.

So far this year, Defra has published an updated Biodiversity Metric (Version 4.0) and BNG guidance documents. The expected timetable (2023) for publication of other key guidance is as follows:

  • End of June:  costs for Statutory BNG Credits issued.
  • Summer- early October: BNG Habitat Management and Monitoring Plan (HMMP) Template issued (these are the plans detailing actions to achieve net gain and monitor delivery over a 30-year period, required for all off-site BNG land).
  • November: BNG Site Register issued (all land delivering BNG off-site will need to be registered via this national register hosted by Natural England).

EAD Ecology continues to be at the forefront of BNG, with our services including:

  • BNG plans to support planning applications;
  • Advise on delivery of BNG on and off development sites;
  • BNG assessments as part of ‘due diligence’ prior to site bids/acquisition;
  • Advise to landowners on delivery of biodiversity offsetting.
  • Preparation of BNG Habitat Management and Monitoring Plans.

For advice on BNG please contact a member of EAD Ecology Team.