New Badger Class Licence – reduced time and fees for sett closures

EAD Ecology Associate Director, Dr Linda Hamilton, is one of only a small number of consultants nationally to have been registered to use Natural England’s new Badger Class Licence. This means that Linda is authorised to close badger setts without the need for a formal Development Licence application to Natural England, which will save costs, time and minimises risks for our clients. Under the Class Licence, details of the site and proposed mitigation strategy need to be registered with Natural England. Following a five-day period post registration, the mitigation strategy can then be implemented. This avoids the time taken to produce a Licence Application and the normal 30-day determination period by Natural England. The same rules apply in terms of closure process and timing; closure takes a minimum of three weeks using one-way gates and has to be undertaken between July and November inclusive. Full planning permission is required prior to site registration.

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